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Dex Trend Reverse was created in order to help other indicators spot volume in a particular direction as well to give certain advantage points for Strikes. When Coupled with A support and resistance indicator it becomes very Powerful. Use the discipline within the training series here to use it properly and be able to translate the information into actual trades.

But we began to have some issues with traders and the timing of getting into trades. Only because of the 3,4 8,9 min bar timing solution the trend reverse was using.

So now we have also added a scanning solution to scan the market for the right timing and Strike price to get into and deliver it with a Count down clock so you can prepare for your trade.



Version: 1.1

Last updated: 12-7-16

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Module 1 Install and License
Unit 1 Installing Dex Indicators
Unit 2 Installing MT4 On a Mac
Unit 3 Setting Up Email Notification for metatrader4
Unit 4 Keeping a trading Journal
Module 2 Updating
Unit 1 Renew Metatrader 4 Demo Account
Module 1 5 min intro
Unit 1 5 min signal indicator overview and set up
Unit 2 5 min signal indicator breakdown
Unit 3 5 min signal Alert overview

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