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Why Should I Bundle?

Umm, Why Shouldn't You?!!!

Saving Money, of course!

The Bundle saves You a BUNDLE! Yes, it actually saves you a lot.! Instead of purchasing each indicator individually, pay a one time set up fee and just a flat rate each month for it ALL!

Save Time

You will have access to all our tools and be able to go to one place to obtain them all. This will save you time and energy.

Knowledge is Golden

You will learn about all of our tools at once so you don't have to worry about what you might be missing if you only purchase one at a time.... and if we add anything NEW or Updates... You Get That, too!!!

So.. What's the Cost of All This???

A Lot Less then You May Think

All Tools


Dex Support and Resistance 

Setup: $67  Monthly: $47

Dex Pivot

 Setup: $47  Monthly: $27

Dex Daily Signals 

Setup: $67  Monthly: $47

Dex Five Min MDM 

Setup: $127  Monthly: $97

Dex Flag and Pennant 

Setup: $47  Monthly: $27

Dex trend Reverse 

Setup: $67  Monthly: $47

Expert Advisor 

Simply Forex  

Setup: $127  Monthly: $67

No Bundle

All Tools

Total Setup Fee


Total Monthly


Yes! Bundle

All Tools

Setup Fee :