Using DexMacD and Support and Resistance Indicators on Forex Ed Signals


Watch how Maxx explains using Dex Indicators Support and Resistance and the DexMacD along with DexFx World Forex Educational Signals

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What Nadex Strategies are Taught with Dex Indicators?

What Nadex Strategies are Taught with Dex Indicators?


We here at Dex Indicators know that you as a binary options trader, want to know Exactly what you are getting when you are considering an offer. One of the biggest questions we get is What Strategies we teach using Dex Indicators. Keep in mind that it was Data, and Real, Live Customer Feedback that helped us develope these strategies and the success rates will vary on many factors.



What is the Dex Intraday Strategy 

This is where we add our two main line indicators trend reversal and Support and resistance. We apply some simple but effective rules and trade on the expire times that are set for the ten assets that are on the Exchange.

This is the second level of a pair of indicators strategy that is being tested within a series of systems that are proving to be very powerful and effective in the world of trading.

During this series you will learn all the aspects of the strategy and how to trade it effective.

Screen Shots




What is the 5  min Full Circle Trade?

Using the 5 binary on Nadex

These have the four major Assets

Aud/Usd, Eur/Usd. Gbp/Usd. Usd/Jpy

A 5 min time expiry.

On the five minutes of the clock so for example.

1:00  1:05 1:10 and so on.

Full Circle?

I originally stated 5 min binary was good for training only…
Now I have come full circle with the process and using certain tools to do the Job.

Dex Support and resistance and a trend reversal indicator…

Between these two I have perfected the flow and discipline..

Now we just have to go over the rules and process in order to find our groove.


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Dex Indicators Intraday Strategy Results


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I first started using the 5 minute Strategy but sometimes they are just too fast for me. Last night, I began using the Intraday Strategy for longer trades on Nadex. Here are my results so far – $187.60 profit!





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5 Minute Binary Trades from Dex Indicator Customers

dexidicatorslogomedshadow5minfullscircleMany of you have asked to see some results so a picture is worth a 1000 words. See for yourself from our members using the 5 min Full Strategy Indicators!

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Here are Paul’s trades this week so far: Total of $916.15 since Monday!


Here are Michael’s Trades this week so far for a total of $2527.00 (Michael applies volume to his consistency)


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5 Minute Binary Results using Dex Indicators


Have You Ever Thought I Know This I Don’t Need Their Training (post from Paul D.)


This week, I decided to try the 5 minute indicator from Dex Indicators.

Holy Cow I took a Massive loss on my first 3 trades?

Why? Because I thought I knew better than their training. I had followed their training but thought yep BUT if I do this instead? Why because I have done it before?

What I had forgot was NO! I have not done this before because it is their indicator and their training not mine.

Lesson learned. 

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 As in every thing there are natural losses however some were mistakes I made.

Note to self follow the training.